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EU Residency through an Investment in Ireland

Premier immigration option for high-net-worth individuals

Key Features of the Immigrant Investor Programme (IIP)

5+ years Residency

Successful applicants can expect to receive residence permission for 5 years. Initial permission will be granted for 2 years and thereafter for a period of 3 years (subject to the investor continuing to meet the conditions of the programme). Residency can then be extended indefinitely thereafter every five years.

One Application

Residency under the programme is available to spouses / partners and children under 18 years of age for whom the applicant and/or their spouse has legal guardianship. In certain cases, children between the ages of 18 and 24 will be considered where they are unmarried and are financially dependent on their parents.

Stay Only 1 day

There is no requirement to establish actual residence in Ireland – investors only have to visit Ireland for one day per calendar year. Actual physical residence in Ireland is not a condition of your residency permission under the IIP. This condition applies to both investors and their nominated family members. The programme simply requires investors to spend a minimum of 1 day per calendar year in Ireland.

Approval Before Invest

There is no requirement that the funds be invested or committed before approval is given. The investment is only made once a formal pre-approval letter has been received from the Minister of Justice. Get EU Residency through an Investment in Ireland without approval risk.

Education Support

In recognition of how central education is to investors, the Irish Government allow a €50,000 discount in the amount needed for investment to assist investors have children who wish to attend university in Ireland. Investors may discount their approved investment with eligible education expenses that they and/or dependants commit to incur within the first five years after their permission has been granted up to a maximum of €50,000.

Investment Options under the IIP

Irish REITS | Diversify With Public Real Estate Portfolios
REITs are a tax-efficient structure that allows investors to invest in a portfolio of large-scale real estate rather than limiting investment to individual properties. REITs typically offer strong dividend yield and because their shares are traded on public exchanges, this is a flexible, liquid method of investing in real estate. Learn more about the specific benefits if Irish REITS in our video with Mr Colm Lauder from Goodbody Stockbroker, a leading financial services firm in Ireland.
Investment Funds | Strongly regulated and secure alternative
Investment funds are managed by a professional fund manager and regulated by the respective authorities. These funds invest across projects like nursing homes, social housing or primary care homes and usually aim for smaller investments to ensure a certain degree of diversification.

Typically, the fund acquires already built property including the operating team to reduce risk. This option may be attractive to an investor who is not familiar with Irish investments or enterprise, as they can use the expertise of an investment manager as part of a wider fund.
Social Housing Projects | Fund development of government-supported housing
The provision of more social housing is a key public policy initiative. As an incentive, the Government provides 25 years guaranteed rental income, under the “Enhanced Enhanced Long Term Social Housing Leasing Scheme”. These long term government leases enable the properties to be sold in portfolios to pensionfunds that need low risk assets with guaranteed stable income. Unlock Ireland renovates and develops social housing units to actively address this social challenge and offer investors a unique opportunity to obtain EU Residency through an investment in Ireland


Make an impact

Cappagh Kids Project

Unlock Ireland partners with Cappagh Kids to offer international investors a philanthropic option. Cappagh Kids is part of the Department of Paediatric Orthopaedic Medicine at the National Orthopaedic Hospital and treats children from 2 years of age for diverse congenital, acquired and degenerative musculoskeletal conditions. Cappagh Kids delivers cutting-edge treatment and supporting this Project will lead to better outcomes for more children and will help them lead a more enjoyable childhood and offer them a better future.

This project will result in:
- The treatment of greater patient numbers -Expedited diagnosis enabling timely treatmentMb
- Reduced waiting times for vital treatments
- Further improvements in service delivery

Invest in the “green” Island

Ireland is a leading country when it comes to driving the shift towards a decarbonised world. The country has set the objective to become transition a low carbon, climate-resilient and environmentally sustainable economy by 2050. This leads to investment opportunities into projects like wind- or solar farms. We work closely with project developers to structure and finance these developments to offer our international investor base a share in Ireland’s and Europe’s green future.

Wind Farms

Finance Wind Energy Projects

Wind energy is a growing sector in Ireland, with currently over 300 wind farms on the island. The country relies increasingly on wind-powered electricity generation, with a contribution to total electricity generation of 32% in 2019 according to Wind Energy Ireland.

Unlock Ireland works with specialized developers to identify and structure investment opportunities into wind energy projects.


Driving Clean Energy, Closing the Deployment Gap

Ireland aims to drive decarbonization through solar energy adoption. The Irish Solar Energy Association (ISEA) is committed to deliver 5GW of solar until 2030 and aims to close the gap in the current solar system, as Ireland is one of the European countries with the lowest deployment of the technology.

Unlock Ireland works with project developers and local investors to identify and structure solar investments.

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