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Portfolio for Family Offices and Institutions

Ireland is becoming an increasingly popular investment choice for family offices and institutions, especially from outside the EU. Investment managers prefer Ireland due to its high GDP growth rate, innovation culture and market fundamentals. Unlock Ireland partners with these professional investors to identify and realize unique investment opportunities across three sectors: Real Estate, Renewables and Ventures. Explore our portfolio for family offices and institutions.

Property market with strong fundamentals for reliable income

Ireland’s real estate market is an attractive option with strong fundamentals: high population growth, Europe’s fastest growing economy, an increasing number of tech companies and a significant housing shortage. Unlock Ireland offers family offices and institutions two unique options to participate.

Social Housing Projects | Fund development of government-supported housing
The provision of more social housing is a key public policy initiative. As an incentive, the Government provides 25 years guaranteed rental income, under the “Enhanced Long Term Social Housing Leasing Scheme”. These long term government leases enable the properties to be sold in portfolios to pension funds that need low risk assets with guaranteed stable income. Unlock Ireland renovates and develops social housing units to actively address this social challenge and offer investors a secure investment.
Partner with Unlock Ireland | Real Estate opportunities for larger investment amounts
Irish property yields are among the highest in Europe and significantly higher than in most Asian countries. Institutional investors are therefore increasingly deploying capital into Irish real estate.

Unlock Ireland cooperates with larger-scale investors and provides expertise across Irish real estate, construction and financial services to plan and realize profitable opportunities. Our partners include specialized firms with unique market access and expert insights into the local property sector.

Invest in the “green” Island

Ireland is a leading country when it comes to driving the shift towards a decarbonised world. The country has set the objective to become transition a low carbon, climate-resilient and environmentally sustainable economy by 2050. This leads to investment opportunities into projects like wind- or solar farms. We work closely with project developers to structure and finance these developments to offer our international investor base a share in Ireland’s and Europe’s green future.

Wind Farms

Finance Wind Energy Projects

Wind energy is a growing sector in Ireland, with currently over 300 wind farms on the island. The country relies increasingly on wind-powered electricity generation, with a contribution to total electricity generation of 32% in 2019 according to Wind Energy Ireland.

Unlock Ireland works with specialized developers to identify and structure investment opportunities into wind energy projects.


Driving Clean Energy, Closing the Deployment Gap

Ireland aims to drive decarbonization through solar energy adoption. The Irish Solar Energy Association (ISEA) is committed to deliver 5GW of solar until 2030 and aims to close the gap in the current solar system, as Ireland is one of the European countries with the .lowest deployment of the technology.

Unlock Ireland works with project developers and local investors to identify and structure solar investments.

Invest in European high-growth opportunities

High-tech start-ups
Funding the future

Ireland is well-known for its highly developed startup ecosystem, with more venture funding than per capita any other European country. In 2020, Irish startups have received €1.1 billion of venture- and growth capital.

Ireland is home to over 2.300 start-ups and 280 innovation hubs. Unlock Ireland is in regular contact with many of the leading venture capital firms to identify and structure high-potential deals for foreign investors.

Horse Racing
Building on a long tradition

The Irish bloodstock breeding and racing industry is of major economic significance to Ireland, contributing close to €2 billion per year to the economy. The Irish Government is hugely supportive of the sector and realises the importance of the industry to the Irish economy.

There is a favourable tax structure, from acquisitions straight through to the running and management of a stud farm, with less onerous employment laws than other countries.

Unlock Ireland has extensive contacts to leading stud farms and connects potential horse buyers to this network.

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