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About Us

Unlock Ireland is an independent advisory firm promoting and enabling foreign investment into Ireland. We offer different investment options including investment funds, real estate, renewable energy, REITs and direct investment into Irish enterprises. Our in-house investment team has over 40 years of experience in financial services, construction, real estate and cross-border investing. Unlock Ireland also provides comprehensive immigration advisory services for investors who choose to obtain Irish residency via the Immigration Investor Programme (IIP) and is the only firm providing access to all four investment options under the IIP.

Why Unlock Ireland?

Unlock Ireland helps foreign individuals, institutional investors and entrepreneurs to access Ireland and Europe profitably.
Unique Solutions
Gain access to innovative and professionally structured opportunities to invest in Europe
Our expert team has 40+ years experience across real estate, venture capital and cross-border investing
We offer a diverse portfolio to realize the wide-ranging investment objectives of our clients

Our Values

01 Long-Term Orientation

We build enduring relationships and invest in sustainable assets to create value in the long-term.

02 Customer Focus

We put our clients’ interest first and deliver solutions that help them to achieve their investment objectives.

03 Innovation

We identify and develop unique investment opportunities for our clients.

04 Impact

We seek to make a positive impact by realizing projects that solve societal and environmental issues.

Our People

Sean Brady

CEO Real Estate

Sean is an energy consultant with over 15 years experience in the construction industry. He is the founder of BM Energy, a leading provider of sustainable energy solutions for both new and existing buildings in Ireland. BM Energy has supported many of the largest residential and commercial developments in Ireland over the last 10 years. Sean now manages Unlock Ireland’s real estate operations. He holds an Honors Degree in Mechanical Engineering and an Msc in Renewable Energy & Energy Management.

Graham Cullen

CEO Finance & Investment

Graham has over 14 years’ deal advisory, debt restructuring and corporate finance experience. Before starting Unlock Ireland, he was a financial and funding advisor for the Irish Department of Communication’s National Broadband Plan. Graham started his career at KPMG, where he was an Associate Director and supported high profile transactions across multiple sectors including property development, private healthcare and banking. He now oversees Unlock Ireland’s investment processes and financial management. Graham is a Chartered Accountant and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business and Law from UCD.

Rory O'Gara

Member of the Advisory Board | Construction

Rory is an experienced general manager with extensive experience in the construction industry. He specializes in designing and implementing smart systems for design and build projects. Rory most recently worked for 5 years as Managing Director Greater China for a large MNC. He has collected experience across Asia, Africa and Europe and advises Unlock Ireland on topics related to construction, real estate and international expansion. He is a Chartered Engineer with an Honors Degree in Mechanical Engineering and holds a degree in Real Estate Economics.

Brian Monoghan

Member of the Advisory Board | Ventures

Brian is an experienced CEO of high-growth startups with a strong background in finance and strategy. He is currently scaling the Ireland-based venture Pest Pulse, a company that’s disrupting the pest control industry with a technology-led approach. In this role, Brian has gathered unique insights into success factors of growing tech firms in Europe. He is now using these insights and his network to identify high-potential startups for Unlock Ireland investors. Before starting Pest Pulse, Brian has developed his skill set roles as CFO, General Manager and in Corporate Development across multiple industries. He has a Bachelor of Arts in Business & Economics with first class honours.

David McCauley

Member of the Advisory Board | Renewables

David is the founder and current CEO of Bitpower which provides independent advice on sustainable power options for data centres. David has worked with Industry, Government and EU policymakers over the past decade to address the growing challenge of energy use and associated climate change. His roles with Ireland’s National Energy Agency (SEAI) included promotion of energy efficiency and supporting the development of renewable energy technologies. By providing leadership and a focal point for stakeholders, David has become a recognised national expert in the practical application of energy solutions and he understands the Irish energy landscape.

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